Film insurance – from pre-production to post-production

As professionals working in the film, television and photography industry, you’re constantly exposed to unforeseen risks that can seriously affect your productions and above all your budgets. Our comprehensive Film insurance solution covers all aspects of your shoot: we insure the photo and video equipment you use, provide public liability cover for your productions, and protect your team.

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Film insurance in brief

Media insurance

You know how much money and effort you invest in your productions. Every shot, every sound recording is crucial. Our insurance protects your work against any costs arising from the loss, damage or deterioration of audiovisual media. We cover you from the start of your shoot until you deliver your final cut, using either digital or magnetic media.

Production cover: talent

The demanding world of audiovisual production relies on people with unique talents. But sometimes, in the middle of a shoot, an unexpected event can affect a key actor, director or producer. We make sure that you’re not alone in dealing with this situation: our additional cover protects you against financial losses that arise if production needs to be paused or abandoned because a vital person has fallen ill, suffered an accident or died.

Production cover: equipment and location

We protect you against financial losses arising where production has to be paused or abandoned in the event that the equipment or locations required by your production are unavailable because of a sudden unforeseen event.

Audiovisual and office equipment

This part of the policy protects your technical equipment, the backbone of your production. It covers the cost of repairing or replacing equipment if it is lost, becomes damaged, or simply deteriorates.

Furniture, sets, costumes and props

We cover the cost of repairing or replacing furniture, sets, costumes and props that you use or expect to use during the period of cover, in the event of loss, damage or deterioration.

Public liability

We cover you against any personal injury or property damage suffered by third parties. Our additional hirer liability cover also protects you against damage to any specific buildings or locations involved in your set. So the only thing you have to worry about is delivering an excellent production.

A director, his crew and the actor chat on set.

Good insurance
is just as important
as the right cast.

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From storyboarding to delivery

We cover every step in your creative process. From storyboard to shoot – an intense phase that may involve various locations – and from post-production to final delivery of the film, our insurance is designed to meet all of your specific needs. We understand that each phase brings its own unique challenges and we’re committed to giving you the cover you need.

Every production deserves protection
Every audiovisual project, regardless of scale or budget, deserves suitable protection. Whether you’re working on a big-budget feature film, an independent short, a TV series, a documentary, an impactful ad or even a photo session, TSM’s Film insurance is designed for you.

Insurance without borders
Wherever you are, TSM is by your side. Our Film insurance provides comprehensive cover all around the world, whether you are shooting a documentary in the bustling streets of Tokyo, a TV series in the Namibian desert, or a corporate film in the historic centre of Rome.

Create exceptional content with full peace of mind.

We even cover your rushes
When you’re working on a film project, rushes are some of your most valuable assets. If they’re lost, this can cause costly production delays and potentially compromise the whole project. At TSM, we understand the importance of these assets and provide specific insurance to protect them.

A cameraman films a group scene in a film studio.

Comprehensive cover
for your production,
ensuring that you don’t
leave anything to chance.

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Frequently asked questions

Am I covered if production has to be paused or abandoned?

Yes, these risks can be covered by various sections of the policy, particularly “production cover”, which protects against talent and equipment being unavailable following a major unforeseen event (serious illness or accident, fire, water damage etc.), and “media” cover, which protects against the theft, destruction, loss or disappearance of recording media.

How does TSM assess the amount of compensation it pays in the event of a claim?

We reimburse you for the additional costs needed to continue production, or if you’ve had to abandon it, for the costs incurred until the time of the loss, based on the receipts and documentation you provide to us.

Who can take out TSM Film insurance?

Any producer of an audiovisual project, regardless of the project’s size.

Does TSM Film insurance cover rented photo and video equipment?

Yes, we offer full coverage through our audiovisual and office equipment insurance.

Is TSM Film insurance valid in crisis-hit countries?

Yes, you can take out a policy covering the whole world, subject to specific exclusions for systemic risks such as wars and civil wars, and political or government intervention.

Peace of mind for when the unexpected happens

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