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Your satisfaction is our top priority, which is why we do all we can to ensure we are here for you whenever you need us. Get in touch. You can contact us via our contact form, by phone or by visiting one of our agencies.

Our teams in Zurich, Geneva, Bussigny and La Chaux-de-Fonds will be happy to answer your questions or help you choose the best cover to meet your needs.

Our head office

La Chaux-de-Fonds

Rue Jaquet-Droz 43b CH – 2300 La Chaux-de-Fonds +41 (0)32 911 12 12

Our agencies


Centre QG – Route de la Chaux 4c CH – 1030 Bussigny +41 (0)21 321 42 70


Cours de Rive 2 CH - 1024 Geneva +41 (0)22 819 44 00


Birmensdorferstrasse 55 CH – 8004 Zurich +41 (0)44 457 20 30

Useful contacts


Rue Jaquet-Droz 43b CH - 2300 La Chaux-de-Fonds +41 (0)32 911 12 12

To report a claim, please go to the

Travel claims

For travel-related claims, other than medical and/or safety emergencies, such as travel cancellation or lost or stolen luggage.

Service assistance 24/7

+41 (0)22 819 44 66

For medical and/or safety emergencies and requests for a certificate.

Accounts Department

+41 (0)32 911 12 16

Espace TSM

+41 (0)32 911 12 30

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Frequently asked questions

Where can I find TSM?

Our head office is located at 43b, Rue Jaquet-Droz, CH–2300 La Chaux-de-Fonds.

We have branches in Geneva, Bussigny and Zurich

How can I change my personal details?

To change you details, contact your account handler or email the relevant department directly:

How can I get an insurance quote?

You can contact us via our contact form below or contact one of our branches directly.

How can I make an appointment with an adviser?

Call +41 (0)32 911 12 12 and you will be put through to a specialist adviser for the relevant product.

How can I report a mistake in my insurance contract?

You can report any errors by contacting your account handler or by emailing the relevant department to directly:

How can I make a complaint?

Your satisfaction is of prime importance to us. In order for us to handle your request as quickly and efficiently as possible: please email us with the details of your complaint at Contact. Our team will be happy to assist you and to find a solution best adapted to your situation.

What are the opening hours of TSM's Customer Service department?

Our Customer Service department is open:

08h00 – 12h00
14h00 -17h00
Fridays till 16h30

Do you have a dedicated number for emergencies or claims?

If you have an emergency while travelling, our travel assistance service (Corporate Mobility) is here for you 24/7, worldwide. Simply contact the dedicated number shown on your insurance policy or card. In the event of a life-threatening emergency, we strongly recommend that you first contact the local emergency services.

There is no dedicated emergency number for reporting a claim, whatever its nature. Simply report your claim to one of our departments listed on the Claims page.

If there is an emergency in connection with an existing claim, please contact your usual account handler.

Any questions? Let’s talk. We can develop a solution built around your needs.

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