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Trade shows and exhibitions are events that showcase your products and display your company's know-how and ingenuity. You are well aware how important it is to protect against all unforeseen risks that could affect your product during a trade show or exhibition and while in transit.

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Shows, Fairs and Exhibitions insurance in brief


Your stand and products are covered from the moment they leave the shop floor. Our Shows, Fairs and Exhibitions insurance covers your products during transit until they arrive safely at their destination, ready to wow the world.

Exhibited products

Your products are vital to your business, which is why our insurance covers your exhibition products against accidents, handling errors, and malicious acts. We protect your creations, so you can concentrate on showcasing them to your public.


Your stand is more than just an exhibition space – it represents your brand and grabs the attention of visitors. But many things can go wrong during the set-up and operation, so it is important to have the right insurance to cover the associated risks. We provide cover for every aspect of your stand, including promotional materials, panels, structure, and display cases.

Storage between shows

Moreover, our insurance does not stop when the show is over. We even protect your stand and products against damage while in annual storage, so regardless of where they are stored, we've always got you covered.

Worldwide protection

Whether you're exhibiting in Basel, Geneva, Paris, New York or Tokyo, your insurance cover travels with you. TSM offers worldwide protection so you can attend trade fairs and exhibitions around the globe with complete peace of mind.

A crowded exhibition hall.

Your high value-added
know-how is priceless.

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Your tailor-made stand deserves a tailor-made solution

Every business has unique characteristics that require a customised approach. We understand just how exceptional your exhibits are, from luxury jewellery through to technological advances, so we tailor your cover to give you optimum protection.

Tailored to your products
It took time and expertise to perfect your creation, and at last it's on show for all to see - your beautiful, traditional, innovative product. We know that its value is not just financial: it's also aesthetic. Whether it's a luxury timepiece, a fragile work of art, or a cutting-edge technological prototype, we build the cover you need to protect every one of your precious objects.

Tailored to the size and duration of the show
Whether you are exhibiting at a local show or a major international fair, you need flexible insurance cover. Our insurance product can be adapted to accommodate different venues and shows, so you have optimum protection for each event.

Tailored to the venue
Many parameters can vary between shows: local risks are not always the same, laws governing exhibitions and cultural practices are different, and the nature of the public changes. We take account of the country-specific features of each venue to deliver the protection you need, where you need it. Every insured foreign exhibition is underpinned by an in-depth knowledge of local conditions.

Peace of mind so you can focus on the success of your presentation.

An asset for any industry

TSM's Shows, Fairs and Exhibitions insurance is designed to provide superior protection to all types of industry, whatever the products exhibited. Leveraging our experience and specialist expertise in the watchmaking industry, we can adapt our services to meet the specific needs of each sector.

Insurance rooted in our watchmaking heritage
Our rich watchmaking heritage gives us an unparalleled understanding of the importance of detail in the precision and artistic professions. Watches and jewellery - true symbols of excellence and beauty - deserve attention and protection befitting their sophistication. With TSM, you benefit from expert insurance that covers all the specific features of these delicate creations. We are by your side, making sure that you can exhibit and protect the fruits of your precious know-how, so you can worry less and focus on the show.

Uncompromising support for the technical industry
Every technical industry has its own specific features and unique requirements. Whether your business is aeronautics, luxury automobiles or haute couture, TSM provides bespoke insurance solutions that meet the highest standards in your sector. We are committed to providing optimum protection for all products displayed on your stand, so that you can focus on what really matters: the excellence of your craftsmanship.

Advanced technology rigorously protected
The value of innovation and high technology lies in its ability to push back the boundaries of what is possible. To protect these intrepid advances, TSM offers robust and agile cover that aligns to your evolving technological developments. We are by your side to safeguard your breakthroughs and inventions, so you can concentrate on charting the course of the future.

Uncompromising security for your next demonstration.

Frequently asked questions

Should I take out new insurance if I move from a large international exhibition to a small local exhibition?

No, there is no need to take out new insurance. You can extend your insurance cover by simply emailing or calling our underwriting department.

Does Shows, Fairs and Exhibitions insurance also cover the show organiser?

Cover is designed for companies attending a trade fair. If you are an organiser and you need organiser or events public liability cover, contact us. We have a solution for this type of risk too.

What is the geographical scope of TSM's Shows, Fairs and Exhibitions insurance?

Cover can extend worldwide.

Peace of mind when the unexpected happens

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