School Mobility insurance – 24/7 Assistance for Students and Teachers

The insurance solution that covers it all, offer your students, teachers, and staff a full coverage for medical assistance, safety, and all issues related to school trips. Available anywhere, without geographical limitations, our service can be activated 24/7, 365 days a year, providing security and health-related support. Thanks to a dedicated assistance number, our team delivers quick and efficient help, ensuring peace of mind for study trips, language exchanges, and any international travel.

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Our School Mobility solution in brief

Information before and during travel

Before departure, students and staff receive important information, health recommendations and safety advice tailored to their destination. During their stay, they have direct access to our network of medical providers and assistance services, available at any time, to ensure a safe and smooth educational journey.

Medical assistance

Our medical assistance services can help with the processes related to search and rescue, hospitalisation, and, if necessary, repatriation. We also offer a second medical opinion to ensure the best possible care. Telephone assistance is available at any time, allowing continuous health monitoring for students and staff on the move.

Medical expenses

If medical care becomes necessary during a school trip or an exchange abroad, School Mobility offers reimbursement, advance payment, and direct coverage of medical expenses. Ensure the health of your students and staff with customised, proactive solutions that guaranty quick, effective support, wherever the educational activities take them.

Medical evacuation and repatriation

School Mobility ensures quick intervention in medical emergencies, organising on-site rescue, medical evacuation, and medical repatriation to the most suitable hospital facility or to the home country, regardless of the student or staff member's place of residence. In the event of death, we also manage the procedures and costs related to repatriation.

Travel mishaps and travel insurance

School Mobility covers a wide range of services tailored to the needs of educational institutions; from cancellation of study trips, assistance in case of lost or delayed luggage, flight delays and legal protection, all the way to emergency cash advances. We even offer coverage in case of death or disability which occurs during a trip. This comprehensive insurance offers safety and peace of mind to students and staff during their academic travels.

Security assistance

Real-time alerts are issued for any critical event, with tracking solutions for students and staff on the move. In case of a crisis, we facilitate evacuation to safe areas and offer crisis management services. Ensure unwavering protection and support for your students and teams during their international travels.

Students revising their lessons on a university campus.

Keep your focus on
the academic objectives
of each journey.

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Comprehensive protection for all involved

Education knows no boundaries. That's why School Mobility is designed to offer comprehensive and adaptable protection for a wide range of profiles within your educational community. Whether you're a student, teacher, or staff member, our insurance guaranties your safety and well-being, no matter where your academic aspirations take you.

International students and interns
Students coming to Switzerland from abroad for an education or an internship benefit from comprehensive coverage, ensuring their educational stay is as enriching as it is secure. Our insurance covers anything from emergency medical expenses to repatriation to their place of origin or residence in case of illness or accident during the insured period.

University exchanges and internships abroad
Academic exploration beyond borders is a rewarding adventure. "School Mobility" insures students participating in university exchanges or internships abroad, covering unforeseen events so they can fully concentrate on their learning experience.

Academic and administrative staff
Professors, researchers, and administrative staff are the backbone of any educational institution. We support them during their professional travels, scientific expeditions, or other academic missions abroad.

Academic guests
Our insurance extends its protection to guests of your institution visiting Switzerland. Whether they are speakers, visiting researchers, or workshop participants, we ensure their safety during their stay.

Chaperones for study trips and school camps
Learning outside the classroom is crucial. We protect the chaperones of study trips and school camps, ensuring that their responsibilities are carried out without stress or worry, so that the focus remains on guidance and education.

Organize study trips without fear of the unexpected.

Adjustable security for every journey

In the dynamic world of education, every trip holds crucial importance, whether it involves study trips, research missions, or participation in international conferences. "School Mobility" provides customised coverage, ensuring a serene experience for all types of academic travel. Discover how our insurance meets the specific needs of each journey.

Study trips and school camps
Whether it's for a study trip or a school camp, the safety of students is our top priority. Our insurance provides comprehensive coverage for both students and chaperones, ensuring safety during all educational and fun experiences.

University exchanges and internships abroad
Promoting cultural and academic exchange also means ensuring the safety of our students abroad. Whether for a semester or a year, our insurance supports students throughout the duration of their exchange or internship, providing them with optimal protection and continuous support.

Professional travel abroad
For teachers, researchers, or administrative staff traveling abroad, our insurance guarantees not only safety but also unparalleled peace of mind. From international seminars to research missions, "School Mobility" provides continuous support, regardless of the destination.

Scientific expeditions
Scientific adventures require meticulous preparation and protection. "School Mobility" covers all essential aspects, from unforeseen medical expenses to emergency assistance, allowing travellers to fully focus on their research and discoveries.

Sabbatical leave
For those undertaking a sabbatical to deepen their knowledge or develop new projects, "School Mobility" offers reliable protection, and with it a peace of mind and undivided focus on academic goals.

Students waiting at the airport before their study trip.

The world is your oyster…
and we'll be on board
to keep you safe.

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Immediate response in a crisis

In the event of political unrest, natural disasters, or accidents, our expertise enables us to manage the situation effectively to ensure the safety of students and teaching staff. The challenges associated with risk management, health, and safety during school trips become complex and require specific, tailored solutions. While meeting the legal requirements in terms of information, prevention, and protection, we are committed to facilitating the mobility of students and teachers. In close collaboration with your institution, we develop insurance solutions customised to your specific needs. We also implement preventative communication programs to educate your students, stakeholders, and staff about potential risks, thus ensuring a safer environment for everyone during educational journeys.

How to reach us
Our services are available around the clock via our telephone helpline, mobile app and web portal. Our team is always ready to answer questions and offer support whenever needed.

Emergency repatriation
In the most critical situations, swift action is paramount. When needed, we offer emergency repatriation solutions. Whether facing severe injuries, acute medical conditions, or crisis situations on the ground, our team is ready to respond immediately. We coordinate all necessary resources to ensure a safe and efficient return of your students and teaching staff to their homes or to the most suitable medical center.

A network of excellence.

With our global response network of 45,000 medical providers, you can be sure of immediate intervention wherever your employees are. Our network also publishes real-time safety and health information and monitors the situation during critical periods.

Insurance that recognises the value of your people

Individuals are the heart of every educational institution, which is why their safety is of utmost importance. ""School Mobility"" is specifically tailored to secure the well-being of students and staff during their educational travels, thus helping to maintain the integrity and morale of your school community. By protecting your institution's reputation, anticipating legal and financial implications, and sustaining the motivation of your teaching staff, we provide you with a safety net that keeps everyone positive and dedicated.

We from TSM are with these individuals for every educational journey, ensuring the peace of mind needed for them to fully focus on academic excellence and personal development.

Preserve the Image of Your Educational Institution
Incidents occurring during trips abroad can negatively impact the reputation of your school. TSM implements proactive and thoughtful measures to prevent any damage to your educational image. We understand that your students and staff are the primary representatives of your school values; that's why we commit to maintaining their well-being at every step of their journeys.

Anticipating legal impacts
School Mobility offers to play a crucial role in preventing and reducing legal risks, particularly those related to your institution's liability or potential regulatory non-compliance. By offering comprehensive and personalized assistance in case of an incident, we help minimize the risks of legal issues. Protect your school from unexpected legal implications and ensure that your educational trips proceed in strict compliance.

Protect your business from financial risks
Unexpected incidents such as accidents or medical emergencies can lead to substantial costs. Our coverage is designed to absorb these risks, thus ensuring the financial stability of your school.

Minimize downtime for everyone
The unexpected absence of a member of the teaching or administrative staff can disrupt the established order and affect the learning experience. "School Mobility" offers a rapid and effective response in the event of incidents, thereby significantly reducing employee downtime. By ensuring adequate and immediate assistance, we help you maintain seamless continuity in your educational and administrative activities, while minimizing the costs and inconveniences associated with temporarily replacing staff.

Boost the motivation of your teaching staff
The well-being of teachers and staff members is crucial for maintaining a positive and stimulating educational environment. "School Mobility" brings the necessary peace of mind by ensuring the safety of employees during their international travels for educational programs, conferences, or exchanges. Knowing they are protected against unexpected incidents allows staff to fully concentrate on their educational tasks, thus strengthening their motivation and commitment to the school. A reassured and well-supported staff is the foundation of a dynamic and innovative educational institution.

Une étudiante attend le prochain départ.

A safety passport for your students.

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Frequently asked questions

How to contact TSM Insurance in case of need during a trip?

In case of emergency, please contact TSM Assistance using the number listed on your insurance card, available 24/7 and 365 days a year. We recommend saving these numbers on your phone before your departure.

Does basic health and accident insurance cover worldwide?

Sometimes, basic insurances have insufficient or no coverage at all for emergencies abroad, such as during a medical repatriation.

how are our students insured?

With School Mobility, you will enhance the basic benefits of their health and accident insurance. Thus, students will be covered worldwide during trips that are under the responsibility of the educational institution.

Can foreign students be insured?

Yes, we insure foreign students or interns in case of illness or accidents that prevent them from continuing their studies. We can organize their repatriation to their country of residence or origin.

Are the costs of repatriation to the home Country included?

Wir versichern ausländische Schüler oder Praktikanten im Falle einer Krankheit oder eines Unfalls während eines versicherten Ereignisses, die die Fortsetzung des Studiums verhindert. Wir können ihre Rückführung in ihr Wohnsitz- oder Heimatland organisieren.

Peace of mind for when the unexpected happens

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