Brokers and partners play an important role at TSM

Our robust partnerships and dedicated brokers are key factors in our success. TSM’s national network of partners and brokers provides clients with the highly customised business insurance solutions they need. We work closely with that network, allowing us to adapt to changing demand in the market, stay ahead of the game and ensure that our customers have the best possible cover.

Find out how TSM and its partners work to meet your specific insurance needs.

Our insurance partners – a crucial part of the TSM service

TSM is a small, specialist insurance company, and so from day one we have developed partnerships with a select group of multiline insurers in Switzerland. The purpose of these partnerships is to meet our Swiss customers’ ever-growing insurance needs. Our partners share the same DNA and high standards as TSM: they are firmly independent, while taking a co-operative approach.

These partnerships are important for TSM and we intend to continue developing them, partly as a way of meeting the challenges that lie ahead.

La Mobilière
Since 1992, we have played an active role in developing La Mobilière’s marine insurance solutions for its Swiss customers.
TSM is a service provider to La Mobilière: In the watchmaking industry – a key market for TSM – we would be considered a subcontractor of La Mobilière.

In 1998, we formed a partnership and co-operation agreement with Vaudoise Assurances in certain specialist areas of insurance.
As a result, Vaudoise Assurances’ Swiss branch network also acts on behalf of TSM, promoting its specific solutions to the great satisfaction of both parties.

Two women and two men discuss a project in a conference room.

Working together to serve you better.

Becoming a TSM partner

The partners that join forces with TSM share our mission to deliver innovation, expertise and performance. These partnerships are based on mutual trust and give our partners an opportunity to grow with us, supported by the skills of a dedicated team committed to exceptional service. We value the unique features of all our partners, and this underpins our agile approach to helping you achieve your goals.

TSM strives for excellence and shared success by focusing on common values and a commitment to quality.

Unique expertise in marine insurance
With our wealth of experience, we have developed an in-depth understanding of the complexities and dynamics specific to marine insurance. Our insurance solutions, based on careful analysis of the risks and challenges inherent in this sector, are designed to provide the best possible cover. With our team of dedicated experts, we offer innovative, tailor-made products that protect our customers’ interests and give them peace of mind.

Tailored technical support
Our service includes tailored technical support, specifically designed to meet your staff’s needs. Our dedicated team helps you support your customers, find suitable solutions and offer the best possible service. We are here to help you every step of the way: we are more than just an insurance provider, we are a genuine partner at your disposal.

A global network of claims adjusters
The effective service that TSM provides also relies on our global network of claims adjusters who help foreign consignees in the event of loss or damage, providing a quick, effective solution on the spot. They then report back to TSM’s head office in Switzerland, providing constant, comprehensive and independent follow-up care. Our global organisation allows us to ensure that your customers’ risks are managed optimally, wherever they may be, while maintaining a high level of control and excellent communication. With TSM, you have access to an international network of dedicated professionals.

Women holding briefcases

Robust collaborations
that deliver exceptional results.

Let's work together

TSM and brokers

TSM develops genuine partnerships with its brokers, in which each party’s skills combine to provide customers with the best possible service.

For more than 100 years, TSM has been putting together tailored and bespoke solutions for its customers, covering specific areas of industrial exports. TSM has been a pioneer in terms of working with insurance intermediaries ever since their emergence in Switzerland, signing the first collaboration agreements with brokers starting up or moving into Switzerland. As a result, our broker-partners have been and remain central to our success, development and evolution over time.

Our brokers cover all sectors of Switzerland’s economy and each of its three geographical regions, which means that we have good visibility and recognition across the country. Our branch network in Switzerland means that we are on hand to liaise quickly and easily with our broker-partners.

Combining and sharing expertise
Each broker has unique knowledge of its customers and their needs. By working closely with those brokers, we can use this valuable information to adapt our insurance products so that we can meet market needs more effectively.

Training and supporting our brokers
We are committed to giving you all the resources you need to understand our products fully. We organise regular events to keep your knowledge up to date. In addition, our team of experts is always available to answer your questions and help you advise your customers.

Building success together
By working in synergy in this way, we not only provide a better insurance service but also actively contribute to your growth and your success. At TSM, we are proud of this collaborative approach, which strengthens our position as an insurance company of choice for insurance brokers.

Marketing TSM’s products

Our product range is designed to meet all of your customers’ diverse requirements. Partnering with TSM allows you to broaden your offering with insurance solutions that stand out through their quality and reliability.

A diversified product range covering all customer requirements
All customers are unique, and so are their insurance requirements. This is why our product range covers a broad array of segments, including our Marine Insurance, Corporate Mobility insurance, and our Special Lines insurance which protects all types of events against the risk of cancellation. This gives you the flexibility you need to meet your customers’ requirements, regardless of their sector or specific circumstances.

Effective sales tools at your disposal
To help you market our products, we provide a variety of sales tools and documentation. These resources give you all the information you need to advise your customers effectively and answer their questions.

Personalised support
We also give you tailored support to help you sell our products successfully. Our team is here to provide you with specific training sessions, strategic advice and technical support. Your success is our success, and we are committed to helping you achieve it.

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