Winegrower and Winemaker insurance – protect your business

TSM’s Winegrower and Winemaker insurance provides comprehensive coverage for every step of the winemaking process. Whether you’re an independent winegrower, a co-operative or a merchant, our custom insurance is designed to protect your wine-related business activities.

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Our Winegrower and Winemaker insurance in brief

Basic cover

Our basic cover protects your wine at all stages of production: we cover loss and damage caused by transportation, handling, decanting, loading and unloading the tanker truck. We also cover your machinery and tools against all transport-related risks.


Accidents can happen in your wine cellar at any time. For example, spillages can happen if a fork-lift collides with your barrels or any other container in your cellar. We also protect you against financial loss caused by any spillages that may happen while your wine is in storage.


Accidental contamination of wine stored in barrels or other containers can result in major financial loss. This optional cover is designed to protect your wine in vat against the risk of contamination by foreign bodies, and provides you with optimal protection against such unforeseen events.

Wine fairs and promotional events

If you’re taking part in an exhibition, fair or other promotion, we can provide comprehensive cover for your stand equipment and merchandise while it’s being transported to and from the event and during the event itself. We cover you against the risk of theft, breakage, fire, explosions and natural damage.

Third-party machinery

We insure any machinery provided by third parties in your winemaking activities, protecting you against all unforeseen events that may occur during transportation, loading and unloading.

Exports around the world

Your exports deserve to be fully protected anywhere in the world. Whether your wines and spirits are transported by land or air, our comprehensive insurance protects you against the unexpected.

Bunches of grapes that have just been harvested are placed in crates.

The fruits of your labour are priceless. Protect them with our custom solutions.

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Winemaking is a passion: protect it with our unrivalled expertise

Being a winemaker doesn’t just involve making wine. It’s much more than that: a love affair with the land, a family tradition passed down the generations, and a commitment to the craft of winemaking. Every drop of wine that leaves your cellar is an expression of your passion, devotion and unbounded creativity.

Our expertise in the transportation of wine
The wine industry is full of unique challenges that you must deal with every day. In addition, every vineyard is unique and requires insurance tailored to its own specific features. Our team has acquired in-depth knowledge of the specific issues involved in every stage of the winemaking process, including harvest, vinification, transportation and sale.

From your cellar to the market
If you need assistance choosing the right insurance solution or understanding the details of your policy, or if you have any other questions, our team is always here to help, allowing you to devote all of your attention to your wine.

Protect your harvest
and its precious nectar.

Barrels of wine stored in a cellar.

Winemaker insurance that preserves the soul of your terroir.

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Frequently asked questions

Are my machines and tools covered?

Your machinery and tools are covered if they are damaged in transit.

Is my wine insured while it’s being shipped to other countries?

You can take out additional cover to insure your exports all around the world.

Will the policy reimburse me if my labels are damaged?

Yes, label damage is covered: we reimburse you for the cost of the new labelling.

Does TSM’s Winegrower insurance cover weather-related risks?

Damage caused by adverse weather conditions is not covered.

What damage is not covered by TSM’s Winegrower and Winemaker insurance?

Policies exclude damage intentionally caused by the policyholder or its employees, and any loss resulting from illness.

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