Marine Insurance
– optimum protection for your goods

TSM Marine Insurance covers just about every risk associated with the movement of goods, on a regional or global scale, by any means of transport.

With our comprehensive range of marine insurance products, we can formulate a truly tailored solution to meet your needs, whatever the level of cover.

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Marine insurance in brief

Stock and Transit

We offer a comprehensive, bespoke "all risks" insurance solution, guaranteeing optimum protection of goods, from acquisition of raw materials through to delivery of the finished product.


Goods that are moved around repeatedly on your business premises can suffer significant damage. This cover is an ideal bridge between traditional "all risks" marine insurance and machinery breakdown or installation insurance.


Our insurance covers trade presentations by professional representatives anywhere in the world against the risk of loss or damage during travel, presentations, and in-transit storage.

Own account

As a business enterprise, micro enterprise or manufacturing company, you may have to deliver your products yourself. Our Own-account Transportation insurance is the perfect solution.

Freight forwarder, carrier and warehouse keeper liability

This "third-party liability" insurance protects freight forwarders, carriers and warehouse keepers against third-party financial claims in the event of damage to transported or stored goods.

ATA Carnets and customs guarantees

ATA Carnets and customs guarantees supplement our marine insurance cover, enabling shipping agents to free up cash while complying with customs requirements. By leveraging TSM's financial strength, customers avoid tying up funds while still fulfilling their legal obligations. It is a reliable alternative to bank guarantees, underpinned by TSM's proven reliability and trusted expertise.

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Claims handling by our claims adjusters

TSM prides itself on providing swift and efficient assistance in the event of a claim. To achieve this, we leverage the expertise of our network of claims adjusters, who are specialists in the analytics and management of incidents incurred during the transportation of goods.

A dedicated team of experts
Our claims adjusters are experienced professionals with an in-depth knowledge of freight transport and marine insurance. Their role is to provide immediate support in the event of a claim. They will assess the extent of the loss, determine the cause, and propose solutions to limit the disruption to your business.

A global presence
Our network of claims professionals spans the globe. Wherever your goods are located, an adjuster can intervene quickly to help manage any incident. This international presence ensures that we can provide seamless claims management, minimise delays and help you get back to business without unnecessary interruption.

Personalised follow-up
Our claims adjusters understand that every customer is unique. They take a personalised approach in handling each claim, ensuring that you are kept informed at every stage of the process and that the measures taken align with your specific needs.

You benefit from the support of a network of dedicated experts, always ready to intervene to protect your interests.

A century of marine insurance.

There is no substitute for knowledge and experience. TSM has been at the heart of marine insurance for over a century, offering unrivalled expertise and a deep understanding of the challenges facing businesses in all sectors of the economy. As industries and means of transport evolve, we help our customers stay one step ahead by delivering insight-led insurance solutions that precisely meet their requirements.

ATA Carnets and customs guarantees – Free up your cash flow

Our add-on ATA Carnets and customs guarantees are essential accompaniments to traditional marine insurance. Thanks to customs guarantees, carriers and forwarders can free up their cash flow for their core business, while observing their commitments to customs authorities. Similarly, the ATA Carnet bond is an effective way for ATA Carnet holders to leverage TSM's solid financial reputation in their dealings with Chambers of Commerce. These guarantee facilities avoid the need for you to post financial security, which in turn frees up your business funds, while at the same time enabling you to fulfil your customs obligations. Underpinned by the TSM's extensive experience and trusted reputation, these guarantees are an attractive alternative to traditional bank guarantees.

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for your goods.

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Frequently asked questions

How does TSM assess the risks associated with my business sector?

Leveraging our extensive experience, we offer personalised service to assess your business risks and build the cover you need to meet your requirements.
Explain your needs to us and we'll arrange a visit or a call from one of our insurance specialists or external experts. Based on this information, we will create the solution that best protects your assets.

Who needs marine insurance?

Marine insurance is recommended for companies that regularly send or store goods. Transport may be carried out by the company itself or by third-party carriers.

What does Marine insurance cover?

Marine insurance covers loss or damage incurred while goods are in transit. This means that your goods are insured from the moment they are loaded onto the means of transport.

What is the geographical coverage of TSM's Marine insurance?

TSM's Marine insurance can cover the whole world.

What should I do in the event of a claim or if my goods are damaged?

Call us immediately or fill in our claims form.

Who can use the bond options?

Customs bonds and guarantees: Carriers and freight forwarders with TSM coverage.
ATA Carnet bond: Companies exporting goods on a temporary basis, e.g. for presentations, trade fairs or exhibitions.

How much does it cost to purchase a bond?                                                                                                                        

The premium is mainly determined by the type of bond, the amount involved and the duration of the bond.

How does a surety bond work?

TSM acts as guarantor for its customer in the event of non-compliance with the contractual terms of the bond. This is not the same as insurance cover.

Why choose a TSM Surety bond instead of a bank guarantee?

The main advantage is that TSM does not require you to put up any collateral, so you can free up your cash flow for your business needs. Moreover, it lets you diversify your financing sources, so you can keep your credit lines with your bank for other financing needs.

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