Insure your boxing event and benefit from a 10% discount

As an organizer of boxing matches and tournaments, the security of your event is of paramount importance. When organizing an event as dynamic and intense as a boxing match, unforeseen circumstances can arise at any moment. Your star boxer may be unavailable at the last minute, or you may need to postpone due to unexpected circumstances. These contingencies can severely impact the organization of your event.
As a member of Swissboxing, you can take advantage of TSM’s exclusive offer: a 10% discount on your Event insurance premium. This special discount is our way of supporting the passion and dedication you put into organizing every match and tournament.
Don't let the unexpected knock out your event. TSM will insure your boxing matches and protect your budget against all contingencies. Our Event insurance is designed to give you peace of mind so that you can focus on organizing a memorable event.

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Event insurance in brief


An unexpected cancellation could disrupt all your hard work and seriously dent your enthusiasm. We protect you against unforeseen costs should your event be cancelled, abandoned or postponed for reasons beyond your control.

Adverse weather

Has the weather already jeopardised your plans? TSM has you covered, whatever the weather throws at you. We cover your event against the consequences of extreme weather conditions that could threaten the safety of your participants.

Enforced reduced attendance

No matter how well you organise your event, external factors may prevent many of your guests from attending. With TSM, you are insured even if a strike, failure of public transport, or snow prevent at least 30% of your guest from arriving.


Unfortunately, terrorism is a reality in the modern world, which is why we include cover in the event of cancellation due to terrorist acts, or prohibitions or bans imposed by administrative authorities.

Public liability

At TSM, safety is of prime importance. Under our Public Liability insurance, organisers are covered for accidental bodily injury or property damage caused to third parties during the event.

Tenants' liability

Whether you are renting premises, a building or a party hall for your event, we can provide tenants' liability cover in case of damage to the rented property.

All-risks event equipment

Are you bringing or hiring technical equipment for your event? Our Event Equipment insurance covers you against breakage, destruction, theft or loss of equipment, so you can concentrate on organising your event.

Installation and dismantling

Our Event insurance not only covers your event, but also the installation and dismantling of facilities and equipment, because we know that every stage of your event is crucial.


If your star entertainer or keynote speaker falls ill, it could disrupt your whole event. This optional extension takes away the worry of key people becoming unavailable. You are covered if your event is cancelled, postponed or abandoned.

Insurance tailored
to your unique event.

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Two solutions depending on the size of your event

Because organising a wedding is not the same as organising a festival, we have designed two separate insurance solutions to meet the specific needs of each event.

Event Basic for small and medium-sized events
Our Event Basic solution is designed for events with up to 2,000 people, lasting up to three days. It offers extensive cover against external incidents beyond your control that could compromise your event. From birthdays to professional conferences and sports tournaments, we provide cover specifically tailored to each event.

Event Plus for major events
Our Event Plus solution is designed for large-scale events, with no limit on duration and with total costs in excess of CHF 20,000. This solution offers bespoke coverage to meet all your specific needs.

Event Basic Event Plus
Event Basic

Up to a total of 2'000 people at the event

Event Plus


Event Basic

Maximum duration 3 days excluding dismantling

Event Plus


Costs incurred
Event Basic

Total costs of up to CHF 20'000.-

Event Plus

Total costs in excess of CHF 20'000.-

Event Basic

Flat rate of CHF 500.-

Event Plus

Rate calculated according to needs

Worldwide event insurance

You can organise your event anywhere in the world. TSM will be there by your side. We understand that each venue presents its own challenges and opportunities, which is why we have developed flexible event insurance to meet your specific needs, worldwide

Global cover
Your event can be local, national or international, we build the cover you need to protect your event. Whether you're organising a music festival in the Swiss Alps, a convention in New York, or a beach wedding in Thailand, we have insurance solutions that respond to your needs.

So you can focus entirely
on organising your event.

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Insure your boxing event today.

We can't wait to discuss your sporting event with you and find out how we can alleviate any concerns you might have.

What does this initial contact include?

– A brief conversation to determine how TSM can help you insure your event.
– A presentation of our tailor-made solution to protect your event from any unforeseen circumstances.
– An offer sent to you promptly after this initial exchange.
– Without any obligation.

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